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About Us

Hi everybody! Welcome to Coffee Maker Specialist!

In the sixties my father-in-law was traveling in Kenya (Africa). He lived there for some time and met a Dutch importer of coffee beans. After several conversations, he decided to start as a coffee supplier. When he returned to the Netherlands, he created a supply center from his home.
Large bags of ground coffee from Amsterdam were prepared to sell to customers by weighing the coffee and putting it in small coffee bags. The name of his company was 
Ziessen’s Coffee‘.

The stories told by my father-in-law and his family inspired me to do something contemporary with it. This is how the Coffee Maker Specialist was created.

Because there are so many different coffee machines on the market, we want to make it easier for people to purchase the perfect machine that fits their needs. To do so we test various coffee maker brands and models, write reviews and research different machines based on several points. We also write blogs with useful tips and comparisons. Our main focus is to find the best coffee maker that delivers the best quality!

coffee maker specialist about us

Holding a beanbag from Ziessen’s koffie © coffeemakerspecialist.com

How we do our research


Appearance often plays an important role when choosing a coffee machine. What color is it, what size does it have and will it fit on your countertop. Does it suit your interior and your style. And so on.

Build quality

With the build quality we look at the parts and materials that have been used.

Ease of use

Ease of use says something about the way you use your machine. Can you brew your coffee with a push of a button or does it require manual actions. There is a wide range of products between a fully automatic coffee maker and a fully manual coffee maker.


When we talk about the performance of the coffee maker, we look at the number of cups to be brewed at the same time. Is it a single serve machine or can you prepare a whole carafe. In addition, we look at the time and temperature of brewing a cup of coffee. Because let’s face it, everyone ultimately strives for the tastiest, hot cup of coffee.

Price-quality ratio

When buying a coffee machine, it is important to see that the above points provide a complete picture between the price and the quality the brand delivers.


Testing and researching different coffee machines takes a lot of time. In addition, the coffee machine industry is always subject to change. This means that we continue to research the new models and write reviews. To offset the cost of the website and effort in providing information, we may earn a small commission. This happens when you make a purchase through the links that we have processed on the website. Read our legal policy, cookie policy and affiliate disclosure for more information.

The best information

I always look for points of improvement for the website to make it as clear as possible for visitors. This way everyone can find and purchase the right coffee machine.

Do you have any questions or do you have advice for my website? please send us an email at: info@coffeemakerspecialist.com