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Sanne Bakker
Sanne Bakker

Updated: augustus 8, 2023

Picking out a coffee machine can be a bit tricky sometimes. Unless you already have a particular liking and can narrow down your search. But if you’re still in the exploration phase and feeling a bit lost, don’t worry! I’ve put together some top-notch guides to help you choose the perfect coffee maker. Whether you’re into specific styles or even particular brands, I’ve got you covered with buying guides for those as well. Feel free to explore the finest coffee maker guides right here!

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Best buying guide for drip coffee maker

Look no further, because this is the ultimate buying guide for drip coffee makers. Inside, you’ll discover a wealth of information about the machines and pinpoint the ones that truly excel. I’ve pitted various drip coffee makers against each other through comparison and testing. The outcomes are here to steer you toward the ideal choice that aligns perfectly with your requirements. Don’t miss out – uncover the finest drip coffee maker within the pages of this guide.

Best buying guide for dual coffee maker

The dual coffee maker has become incredibly popular among people, mainly because of its adaptability in preparing coffee. Within this all-inclusive purchasing guide, you’ll uncover a wealth of information about high-quality dual coffee makers

Best buying guide for coffee maker with grinder

Many coffee enthusiasts who enjoy a freshly brewed cup often prefer a coffee maker that has its own grinder. In this buying guide, I’ve personally curated a list of the best coffee makers with built-in grinders. Feel free to peruse the guide and see if your perfect coffee companion awaits among these options.

Best buying guide for thermal coffee maker

The thermal coffee maker is truly a game-changer – it allows you to brew larger quantities of coffee that stay pleasantly warm for extended periods! You’ve got a range of brands and models at your fingertips with this specific type. You can delve into all the ins and outs in the excellent buying guide dedicated to thermal coffee makers.

Best buying guide for single serve coffee maker

You mostly will spot a single-serve coffee maker in numerous households. These machines are incredibly simple and convenient and letting you brew your coffee with just a press of a button. Inside this buying guide, you’ll find our handpicked choices for the finest single serve coffee maker.

Best buying guide for french coffee maker

When it comes to selecting the finest manual coffee gadget, you can’t go wrong with the French press. Inside this buying guide, I’ve compiled my picks for the top-rated French press coffee makers. You’ll get a snapshot of the top 3 options and receive guidance to help you make a considered and well-informed decision.

Best buying guide for coffee makers under 100 dollars

When you’re in the market for a coffee maker, each person’s budget and personal preferences come into play. That’s the very reason I’ve taken the time to put together a guide tailored specifically to your needs. As you explore the contents of this guide, you’ll come across valuable insights regarding top-notch coffee makers that fit comfortably within a budget of under 100 dollars.

Best Buying Guide for coffee makers under 200 dollars

If you’re hoping to stay within a $200 budget for a coffee machine, you’ve come to the right place. This buying guide serves as the ultimate reference for discovering the finest coffee makers under $200. I highly recommend giving it a glance – it’s definitely worth your time!

Best buying guide for coffee makers by brands

At the Coffeemaker specialist, you’ll find a top 10 list of the most popular brands we’ve selected. For each brand, I have written buying guides. Below, you’ll find an overview of these different brands:

  1. Keuring guide
  2. Cuisinart guide
  3. Mr. Coffee guide 
  4. Breville guide
  5. Technivorm Moccamaster guide
  6. Ninja Kitchen guide
  7. Krups guide
  8. Philips guide
  9. De’Longhi guide
  10. Hamilton Beach Guide


When you’re in the midst of purchasing a coffee machine, it’s important to choose the one that suits your personal preferences. Are you someone who appreciates simplicity, or are you looking for a machine with a multitude of features? Your budget probably also plays a big part in this decision-making process. The good news is that at the Coffeemaker specialist you have the opportunity to delve into buying guides that will help you find the absolute best fit for you.

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