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Sanne Bakker
Sanne Bakker

Updated: maart 1, 2023

Imagine waking up on a cold morning, smelling the bold aroma of brewed coffee, and when you lean on the other side of the bed, you see the person that warms up your day. We’re not trying to be mushy here, but what we are trying to say is how a warm cup of java can make a difference in creating small moments. Simple joys shared at home wouldn’t be possible without the convenience brought by appliances. When it comes to a brand that mostly covers every kitchen in the United States, nothing surpasses Cuisinart.

Cuisinart in a Nutshell

The online global market is thriving with new things that make life easier. Because of the fast-paced way of life that most consumers lead, manufacturers have constantly come up with ways to improve lives. Through innovating the conventional,  we now have a treasure trove of tools and appliances that make our day.

As a long-standing leading brand that dominates the online market, creating Cuisinart innovations became a norm. And because coffee is one of the all-time favorites, this brand never missed in introducing top-notch coffee machines to give you the freshest cup of coffee in the morning. Although this brand is already taking the online market by storm, we thought it would be great to list down the Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker of United States. So, we’ve consolidated some strong buying considerations you’d surely love.

Top 3 best Cuisinart coffee maker

Honestly, we had a hard time narrowing down Cuisinart’s best coffee makers into just the top three. To end up having the products sort of pinning against each other when it comes to features and benefits was tough. We were caught between dropping the “top 3” and just wanting to feature every Cuisinart coffee maker in the market! (Of course, that was half-meant!) Since we’ve done the work on research about the best three coffee makers from this brand, hang around for a few more minutes and read about the Top 3 Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker of United States:

  1. Cuisinart | Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker | EM-200NP1 
  2. Cuisinart | Perfectemp Coffee Maker | DCC-3200P1
  3. Cuisinart | Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker | DGB-550BKP1

Here are some detailed reviews that you’ll surely love

What we really like about this Cuisinart espresso maker is its versatility. From an espresso, you can turn your drink into a frothy cappuccino through its built-in stainless steel nozzle.

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Do you know what’s better than a 15-bar espresso maker? A
programmable 15-bar espresso maker! Fortunately, Cuisinart saw it coming–how coffee aficionados would want to up their authentic espresso experience with a little innovation. With this baby, you can now brew a single or double express using either ground coffee beans or pods. You can even pre-programm a hot java with sizes 1-½ ounces and 3 ounces!  Moreover, this machine is also equipped with a 64-ounce reservoir that is detachable for easy clean-up. It also has a stainless steel frothing cup. 

Its design of pure stainless steel finish doesn’t really give that “wow” factor, but it looks decent and classic nonetheless. As for its price, the Cuisinart EM-200NP1 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker comes at a fair price of $249.95. We thought it’s a tad bit too pricey, but you know what they say, there’s a reason why a product is cheap (or expensive). So if you can, always go for the expensive ones to make sure of the quality.


  • Programmable Espresso Maker – 15-bar pressure for a single or double shot
  • Use Either Ground Espresso or Pods
  • Equipped with Stainless Steel Steam Nozzle – For cappuccino and latte and separate steam button function for easy use
  • BPA-Free Portafilter holder – With locking mechanism
  • 69-ounce Removable Reservoir

This Cuisinart coffee maker gives an extra temperature, making your coffee hotter without sacrificing the taste. One thing we like about this brand is it considers well the ‘bloom time’ when it comes to brewing. No scalded beans taste, just pure evenly textured flavor. It is the art of bringing out the best flavors from your grounds. 

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Two things you hate about coffee: cold and stale. Why don’t the best things last? If only coffee is like wine, as it ages, it gets better. In the pursuit of creating coffee makers that make extraordinary difference, we’ve stumbled upon this
Cuisinart Perfectemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker that turns up the flavor and the temperature on your coffee!

Your perfect morning partner

The Cuisinart’s PerfecTemp Hotter Coffee technology, which is an exclusive Cuisinart technology, maintains a hotter and a more delicious cup with every brew. This coffee machine is also fully programmable for an easy brew strength control, brew start, and automatic shut off function. Even better, you can set this Cuisinart Perfectemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker for 1-4 cups or up to 14 cups! It is also equipped with a reusable gold-tone filter and a charcoal water filter for optimal freshness and flavor. Lastly, the Brew Pause feature is something you’d surely love. With this coffee machine, there’s no need to wait to enjoy a cup because you can pour a cup even before brewing cycle is finished!

As with the price, we think it’s fair on almost a hundred dollars price in the market considering that it’s Cuisinart.


  • PerfecTemp Hotter Coffee Technology – Brews coffee at the ideal temperature, maintains a hotter, more delicious cup every time you brew.

  • Fully Programmable – Allows you to set the machine for 1-4 cups, and ready tone on/off option.

  • 14-Cup Capacity – Brew as little as 1-4 cups or up to 14 cups

  • High Quality Filters – Includes a reusable gold-tone filter for easy brewing and a charcoal water filter to ensure great-tasting coffee

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Nothing beats waking up to the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans in your kitchen. Just the smell of freshness is enough to jumpstart your day with an eager mind. If you like doing things ahead of time, like setting up your coffee maker the night before to brew in the morning, this is just perfect for you. 

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The Cuisinart Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker features a separate grinding assembly and filter chamber, for that fresh cup of coffee every morning. What we like about this is the “grind off” control that  turns the system off when pre-ground coffee is bloomed. Also, the showerhead where water passes distributes hot water evenly, reducing temperature loss and improving flavor extraction with every brew. 

Dual purpose for double satisfaction

This coffee machine is also equipped with the following:

  • Removable reservoir with cover
  • Gold-tone filter basket
  • Charcoal water filter
  • Brew Pause feature
  • High-quality carafe that has a 12-cup capacity.

Another plus one is the elegant Italian styling of the coffee machine–surely is something you’d want to place on your kitchen countertop! As for the price, it’s listed in the online market for $99.99, but you can have a steal for as low as $89.99 from some sellers!


  • Separate Grinding Assembly – Also comes with filter chamber

  • Grind Off Control – Turns the system off when pre-ground coffee is bring processed to bloom.

  • Showerhead Distributes Hot Water Evenly – Reduces temperature loss and improving flavor extraction with every brew

  • Removable Reservoir with Cover – Also comes with a gold-tone filter basket, a charcoal water filter

  • 12-Cup Capacity

  • Elegant Italian Styling

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Known for having a wide range of coffee makers that suit different kinds of lifestyles, you can choose from coffee machines with built-in grinders, automatic function, single-serve brewer, strength control, and temperature control. Every coffee maker and espresso machine is carefully engineered to not only provide a strong cup of coffee, but to also give a great experience.


While Cuisinart coffee makers give you a wide variety of buying choices, we can bet our bottom dollar that every product doesn’t have any bad curveball. That’s just how confident we are with this name because it really lives up to its many marketing claims! Most of their coffee makers are designed to last for years and built to extract the best coffee flavors from the grounds. Cuisinart coffee machines are also aesthetically perfected and installed with programs and features that make coffee brewing a lot easier. 


More than Cuisinart kitchen appliances are easy-to-use, we fairly think that in terms of usability, Cuisinart meets even the highest of standards from meticulous consumers. It is not surprising that a lot of world-renowned chefs, kitchen experts, and social media influencers would vouch for this brand in a heartbeat. The whole experience when using a Cuisinart coffee maker truly defines comfort and convenience. Even better, what we liked about Cuisinart’s performance is customer service. Should there be any hassle or problem in using a product, the brand’s website has all the Cuisinart coffee maker manuals available for download and printing.


Cuisinart coffee maker designs, we thought, are just alright. With the brand’s consistent branding, the sleek black, white, and chrome combination are just what makes up Cuisinart’s simply classic branding.


Honestly, when we found out that there are Cuisinart coffee makers priced as low as $79, we were surprised! We didn’t think that a really good brand–even endorsed by popular chefs–could offer a very affordable coffee maker. But if you’re looking more into purchasing above a two-hundred-dollar budget, you’re surely getting the best coffee machine from this brand.


Nothing is better than gracing your kitchen with the most trusted brands in the market. And when it comes to the most reliable names, you can always bet on Cuisinart. Their appliances give a truly remarkable experience that hundreds of thousands of consumers–even millions–would probably happily attest. Cuisinart coffee makers should definitely be on your must-have list, if not today–just please, buy one today!