best hamilton beach coffee maker

Best Hamilton Beach coffee maker

Sanne Bakker
Sanne Bakker

Updated: March 1, 2023

Life’s simple joys are often times what keep us going. From that little ray of sunshine that kisses your face in the morning to that first sip of steaming cup of coffee,  it’s the little things that count. And when it comes to the perfect house-blend drink that will satisfy your morning ritual, you can never go wrong with Hamilton Beach.

This brand is a powerhouse of small electric household appliances. With around 50 kitchen product categories like food processors and coffee makers, it boasts of more than two decades of manufacturing quality products. Eventually, Hamiton Beach became a popular brand and it internationally expanded in 1995. 

A stand out

Of all the products on the roster, Hamilton Beach coffee makers are storming the online market and are steadily selling like hotcakes. As a matter of fact, customer reviews prove that the brand satisfied a lot of buying factors like price, functionality, maintenance, and design. Whether it’s FlexBrew coffee makers or the a collection of BrewStation coffee makers, Hamilton Beach is one credible name. 

Hamilton Beach: bridging the classic and modern brewing technology

It’s easy to buy the best Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker, but to find a good bargain with great features and benefits is what’s hard. Most first-time customers tend to commit a buying mistake just because of one reason: lack of research. We think that it doesn’t hurt to invest a few minutes of reading before you spend your money on something that’s impulsively purchased. 

After all, a run-of-the-mill product is only likely to make you spend even more, so why settle for less? To give you a guide about the Best Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker of United States, we’ve collected all buying factors that might come in handy. So, stick around for a few minutes and discover more about Hamilton Beach!

Our research finds


This brand knows what customers really need: a great coffee experience for less. And to be honest, it really did its homework when it created and innovated fine product lines for that perfect cup of java. Currently, Hamilton Beach coffee makers are categorized into the following: 

  • BrewStation Coffee Makers, Convenient Craft Coffee Makers
  • FlexBrew Coffee Makers, FrontFill Coffee Makers
  • TruCount Coffee Makers

These innovations offer a range of features like:

  •  Single-serve capability
  • 12-cup carafe capability
  • Internalized Brewing System
  • One-Hand Usability
  • Programmable Settings
  • Automatic Grounds Filling

All products are uniquely engineered and assembled to help you craft that perfect coffee in no time. 


It’s not about how many functions a coffee maker has, but it’s about delivering a high-quality coffee drink. When it comes to functionality, Hamilton Beach coffee makers are at optimum performance, resulting in a flavorful cup of coffee. The output is just at par with what most gourmet machines can do. One good thing about this brand is it highlights versatility and a variation of smart features. Whether you’re aiming for decaf or a strong premium flavor, your Hamilton Beach coffee maker will surely understand and quickly adapt.


Let’s admit it, even the simplest things can turn out to be complicated and hard to deal with. Sometimes, just looking at a series of buttons and functions tends to confuse. Apart from the hamilton beach coffee maker manual, the brand understands that each kitchen product it offers needs to be user-friendly and easy. Because Hamilton Beach doesn’t just sell the product, but it sells an experience. That is why it has innovated coffee maker functions to suit every customer type.


From aesthetics and Hamilton Beach coffee maker parts to its maintenance, this brand is super sleek and easy. There’s no need to worry about common questions like how to clean Hamilton Beach coffee maker and how do I fix my Hamilton Beach FlexBrew? Because this brand has already made sure that each coffee machine design will also meet customer expectations.


Finally, this buying factor is also the deal breaker of why you should choose this brand because the budget has the final say. The good news is that your Hamilton Beach coffee maker does not cost too much. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most coveted coffee machines in the market because of its low price but a high-performance review.

Top 3 Hamilton Beach coffee maker

While Hamilton Beach coffee makers are undoubtedly a bang for your buck, we’ve decided to narrow them down to top three based on the following factors: Features, customer ratings (from Amazon), and price. It wouldn’t be surprising that we’ve come up with these best three: 

  1. Hamilton Beach | 49902 | FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker & Full 12c Pot, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Combo, Black – Fast Brewing
  2. Hamilton Beach | 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker | Single-Serve and 12-Cup Pot, Stainless Steel | 49980A, Carafe
  3. Hamilton Beach | Programmable Coffee Maker | 12 Cups, Front Access Easy Fill, Pause & Serve, 3 Brewing Options, Black | 46310

We’re sure you’d want to cut to the chase. So, here are some objective, unapologetic, and fair reviews for the Best Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers of United States.

With the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker, you can brew in three different ways. Brew a single cup of your favorite brand’s pod or ground coffee in about 90 seconds into a cup or travel mug, or brew 12 cups of ground coffee into the carafe.

Our rating

Buying the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee machine gives you plenty of brewing options. No wonder this one isvtop-rated and has tens of thousands of reviews online. Its 3-way brewing system allows you to make coffee on a single cup with a pod (or coffee grounds) or you can also make 12 cups of coffee with choice coffee beans. For the single cup, you have the option to brew up to 10 ounces of coffee using a pod. There’s also an option of brewing up to 14 ounces using ground coffee beans. Pretty neat, right? 

Fast, easy, and satisfying!

Even better, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio crafts coffee in about 90 seconds! Unlike the other two-way coffee makers that take longer in brewing, this machine can save you time in a matter of two minutes! When it comes to usability and maintenance, this Hamilton Beach coffee machine also functions with fewer refills on the water reservoir. With its easy-touch programming and customized brewing size, you’re definitely jumpstarting your day quickly and easily. You’ll also love its modern black design, which fits every kitchen countertop. But wait, there’s more! You’ll definitely love its affordable price ranging from $99 to $109.99!


  • 3 Ways to Brew
  • Fast Brewing in about 90 seconds
  • Brew 7 Single Servings without Refilling
  • Easy-Touch Programming
  • 5 Single-Serve Sizes
  • Versatile Brewing Options
  • Auto Pause and Pour

This portable machine is the epitome of a classic drip coffee maker that does not only deliver a perfect brew but also gives more–like peace of mind? (And no, we’re not kidding you!) Alright, this feature might be far from talks about coffee quality, but we are sure you’re going to love this one: 

Our rating

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker has a 2-hour automatic shutoff function, which allows you to not worry about leaving it plugged in for hours. This is a perfect feature for those who are always on the go and are forgetting to check on their appliances before leaving the house. And if you have that kind of lifestyle, might as well purchase a product that comes with safety features.
Now, peace of mind is expensive and you’d want something like that included in your favorite coffee maker features, wouldn’t you?

A two-way convenience  

Its 2-way brewing system gives you the option to make a single-serve coffee or a full pot using your favorite ground coffee bean brand. You might take this as a drawback or a benefit, but this Hamilton Beach coffee maker is not compatible with K-Cup pods. Its programmable wake-up ready coffee system also allows you to set the time you want for it to start brewing. This is perfect when you want a hot cup of Joe ready in the morning. All you have to do is put in some ground coffee, hit the time set-up buttons, and you get yourself a nice warm coffee to jumpstart your day.

More about the Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer coffee maker

You’ll also love the brew strength settings which allow you to control how strong you want your coffee. You can choose from Regular, Standard, Bold, or Premium brew. And the price? You can get this kitchen find for only $54.98! This is super affordable and definitely a bang for your buck! What we really like about this product is how Hamilton Beach knew that consumers would prefer great product, but are affordable. Because most of the consumers in the global market are willing to shell for a less-than-a-hundred-dollar budget, the brand made sure that there is a product up for grabs for them.


  • 2 Ways to Brew
  • Simple Single-Cup Brewing and doesn’t Use K-Cup* Pods
  • 2-Hour Automatic Shutoff
  • Set up brewing up to 24 hours in advance
  • Select-a-Brew Feature
  • Auto Pause and Pour Feature 

When you want to go for a simple coffee maker that can deliver an exceptional and high coffee quality, the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker is probably the perfect machine for you.

Our rating

This front-access and wake-up ready java machine has more to offer. Because you want peach of mind, Hamilton Beach built its programmable clock set,  where the machine shuts down in two hours of non-usage. It also has an automatic pause and serves setting for a no-mess pour. In terms of flavor quality, the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker allows you to brew coffee in different flavors: Bold and Regular in 1-4 brew options. 

Design-wise, you’re not getting much from its black and chrome finish, but you’re definitely going to like the easy-to-use functions it offers. Its price of $39.99 in the online market is definitely a great bargain. And if all you want is something fast and affordable, this is the thing for you!


  • Easy-Touch Programming
  • Easily fill from the front
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle Reminder
  • Compact design and 12-Cup Capacity
  • Water reservoir fits Hamilton Beach 80674R water filters (sold separately)

The Best Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers listed above are a great choice when you want a quality and exceptional coffee experience for less. The products from this brand Because it’s the word-of-mouth that determines if the brand/product is any good, it’s the thousands of satisfied consumers that can prove of this brand’s quality. Hamilton Beach might not exceed what bigger names in the coffee industry can offer, but it does satisfy! And this, we think, settles the matter right away.