best krups coffee maker

Best Krups coffee maker

Sanne Bakker
Sanne Bakker

Updated: maart 1, 2023

Our fast-paced world requires most of us to do things instantly. From social media and electronic systems to quick-serving coffee shops and Netflix, we can have more things done in a span of a day. But the more we do things quickly, the more we seem to get exhausted, right? That is why the moment you reach your home after a long day, you deserve to find rest and solace. And what better way to chill than to sit in your favorite spot and enjoy a nice and warm cup of coffee?

Like chocolates and sweets, coffee has been considered one of the comfort foods (or in this case, beverages) that fine-tunes the mood. Aside from boosting energy levels and perking up the mind, coffee also gives a lot of health benefits. As a matter of fact, some people just wouldn’t consider starting their day right without their morning coffee routine. This drink is so potent, energizing, and relaxing that it has become a part of every culinary culture!

Krups: Where Design, Function, and Experience Meet

Let’s admit it, with thousands of coffee maker brands thriving in the market, sometimes we just don’t have time to invest in trusting new names. Why? Because it’s easy to trust a long-standing name than risk patronizing a new brand. And when it comes to one of the most credible brands in Europe, there is one name that stands out: KRUPS.

A desire named design, “At KRUPS, aesthetics and innovation are at the service of function to offer users an exceptionally complete and satisfying experience.”

The brand is focused on achieving optimal user experience through its meticulous details from machine engineering, aesthetics, and special features. True to its tagline, KRUPS has been producing high-end coffee makers for decades now. We guess, it’s most likely because the giant company behind this brand is a world leader when it comes to small domestic equipment: Groupe SEB. With a wide reach in the global market, as far as 150 countries, the Groupe SEB brings in more than 250 new products every year! No wonder why KRUPS is one name that millions of consumers trust up until today.

Now, we’ve gathered our top three best KRUPS coffee makers in the United States to see how this European brand plays in the American market. We were honestly surprised to know how we found KRUPS with thousands of rave reviews in one of the biggest online shops in the US. And this is why even Americans love KRUPS coffee makers:


Crafting a cup of Joe is a lot more complicated than you think, especially if you’re aiming for perfection. While most coffee makers offer the same functions, performance and quality vary depending on the engineering of a coffee maker. KRUPS never settled for less. One of its aims is precision, to be able to craft the best cup of coffee at the right temperature. Its latest technology, called the ThermoBloc, is one to rave for. This allows the coffee to achieve and retain the best temperature up until the last drop.


Customer experience is a priority. When a product meets a consumer’s expectation, he or she is more likely to become a repeating consumer. With KRUPS’ latest innovations that make lives easier, more and more people are loving what this brand has to offer. Take, for example, the Barista steam nozzle that clicks into place and self-cleans (AUTO Mode) which might seem like a small gesture–but provides great convenience. The KRUPS coffee makers are also designed for every type of consumer. Its buttons and functions were all made to give less hassle when brewing a cup of coffee.


From core parts design to aesthetics, KRUPS believes that the optimal user experience can be rooted in this aspect. The face of innovation can be seen in the finishing touches of a coffee maker. So, to satisfy a consumer is not just to provide a high-quality java drink, but to also grace the kitchen countertop with the coffee maker’s upscale design.


It might be hard to believe, but some KRUPS coffee makers are so affordably priced, while espresso machines can be a bit pricey. Ranging from $60 – $90 for filter coffee makers and $149 – $2499 for super automatics, you can tell how this brand is being mindful of consumer budget concerns. That is why it has made a roster of products where the budget-wise can afford their coffee makers, and another for those who can invest more.

Top 3 best KRUPS coffee makers

During our research of our top three best KRUPS coffee maker in the United States, two of the filter coffee makers are sold on Amazon, while the ultimate espresso machine can be ordered from the main KRUPS website. Here are some useful product reviews for you:

  1. KRUPS | Barista One-Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Espresso Machine | EA901050
  2. KRUPS | Simply Brew Family Drip Coffee Maker | 10-Cup, Black & Stainless Steel
  3. KRUPS | Thermobrew Savoy Programmable | EC324050 

Take a look at our personal choices: the top three best KRUPS coffee maker in the United States.

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The Barista One-Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Espresso Machine is the first-ever KRUPS espresso machine that has 17-one-touch brewing options! Brew a beverage at the touch of your fingertips, from coffee, espresso, or cappuccino, to cafe latte, tea, and more!

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Coming into your house after a whole day’s hustle and bustle, there is no better way to relax than brew and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. When you’re too exhausted to wait in long coffee shop lines, you deserve something to perk up your sleepy mood. 

Even better, milk-based recipes are automatically poured directly into the cup. It is also programmed with an auto-cleaning function, ensuring that the frothing nozzle gets cleaned after every cycle. We love the exceptional 2-step frothing system that preheats the froth in the cup and pours the coffee into the same cup. Here are more details for this KRUPS espresso machine:


  • Touch Screen Control Panel – For ease of use
  • Fully Automated Milk System
  • Automatic Cleaning System for the Frother
  • Three Pre-set Coffee Strengths
  • Steam Nozzle
  • 17-Brewing Options (Recipes)
  • Three Grinding Level (with automatic double grinding cycle)
  • 1.7L Water Capacity
  • Patented ThermoBlock System

When you want a filter or drip coffee maker that’s perfect for the whole family, this KRUPS Simply Brew Family Drip Coffee Maker is the one for you.

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Now, as we’ve said before, KRUPS knows that not everyone can afford a two-grand-worth espresso maker. That’s why it made sure that it caters to a wide variety of consumers by offering coffee makers as low as $64. 

With a 10-cup brewing capacity and a large permanent coffee filter, this is just the right kitchen appliance for all the coffee lovers at home. No pods or paper filters are needed, just coffee grounds straight to the filter for brewing. This KRUPS coffee maker is so easy to operate that all you need to do is pour water into the reservoir and start the brewing at the push of a button. Here are additional features of this KRUPS coffee maker:


  • Automatic Shut-Off Function (after an hour of inactivity)
  • Water Tank Window – To easily fill the reservoir with your desired amount of water
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Compatible with No.2 Paper Coffee Filter
  • Simple Operation – Brew coffee in just one touch
  • No Paper Filter Required
  • With 10-Cup, 5-Cup, and Single-Serve Varieties

Are you the conventional type who still prefers a filter coffee maker, but wants something new? The KRUPS Thermobrew EC324050 Savoy Programmable Coffee Maker might be just the kitchen appliance you’re looking for.

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Drip coffee makers are a safe choice, especially when you’re having doubts about espresso machines. However, there are some consumers who want to up their coffee experience from the classic brew-and-pour coffee routine. 

Temperature is the main focus of creating this coffee machine. With the ThermoBrew technology, the coffee stays hot and perfectly balanced for hours. What we like about this innovation is even after 60 minutes, the brewed coffee is still bursting with flavor–with no scalded taste! Why? It’s because of the three-step brewing optimization. You can also customize the temperature by choosing from three options: High, Medium, and Low settings.

Even better, flavor strength is customized as well. Choose from regular or bold for that extra coffee kick! The coffee maker is also programmed for a small-batch brewing, allowing the machine to extract strong coffee flavors from small batches. Here are additional features that you will surely love:


  • Dual Auto-Start Setting – To separate weekday and weekend Auto-On functions
  • Pause and Serve System – Enjoy coffee whenever you need it
  • Permanent Gold-Tone Filter – No need for paper filters
  • Easy to Fill – Contains a large water reservoir with a 2L capacity
  • Keep warm with the Auto-Off System
  • 14-Cup Capacity
  • Balanced Temperature and Taste


We hope you enjoyed reading our top three best KRUPS coffee maker in the United States. KRUPS has always been known to produce only high-quality and long-lasting coffee makers in the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a $2500 espresso machine or a $60 classic drip coffee maker. When it comes to this brand, you know can’t go wrong.

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