best thermal coffee maker

Best Thermal Coffee Maker

Sanne Bakker
Sanne Bakker

Updated: augustus 9, 2023

In a world where the birth of new things is constant, there is one thing that defines value: purpose. Without purpose, anything is as good as nothing. That is why even in kitchen appliances, brands continue to strive in bringing multi-purpose products that would make the lives of consumers easier.  

When it comes to appliances popular in America, coffee makers are one of those that grace every kitchen countertop. Who wouldn’t love a hot cup of Joe to jumpstart the morning? Coffee makers, not just in the Western culture, have become a necessity. That is why the global market is thriving with thousands of coffee machines both from commercial and generic brands. As a matter of fact, different types of coffee makers have been introduced over the decades. Consumers can now choose from espresso machines, drip coffee makers, coffee makers, coffee makers with grinder and thermal coffee makers–depending on their requirements and lifestyle.

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Best Thermal Coffee Maker Of This Moment

One type of coffee maker that is taking online shoppers by storm is the thermal coffee maker. Compared with conventional coffee makers equipped with glass carafes, thermal coffee makers come in thermal carafes. If you’re wondering what’s the deal-breaker between these two, we can’t tell any better answer than heat retention. 
Yes, thermal coffee makers are better when it comes to keeping your coffee hot for longer hours than those in glass carafes. This is mainly because thermal carafes are double-walled, usually made from combinations of stainless steel and/or plastic. Before we delve more into how to choose the perfect thermal coffee maker for you, we thought it would be great if we give you the Top 3 Best Thermal Coffee Maker in the United States:

  1. Cuisinart | Thermal Coffeemaker | DCC-3400P1
  2. Breville | Precision Brewer | BDC450BSS
  3. Mr. Coffee | 10 Cup Coffee Maker | Optimal Brew Thermal System

The machine has a 1-4 cup setting, a bold or regular brew button, and an adjustable (3-position) carafe temperature. The temperature control on the carafe keeps the coffee hot in your mug without the need to preheat it. When the brew is finished, it emits five beeps. Simple to clean, with a woven permanent brewing basket and water filters included.

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This 12-cup programmable thermal coffeemaker is more than just keeping your java drink hotter and more flavorful for hours. Set the brew-time up to 24 hours ahead and enjoy a hassle-free coffee brewing just in time before your day starts! With hotter coffee and brewing options that fit your lifestyle, you’re definitely getting the best of both worlds with
Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker!


  • Set brew time 24 hours ahead
  • Keep your drink even hotter for longer periods of time
  • Hassle-free brewing
  • More brewing options

In just a few minutes, this drip coffee maker with a thermal carafe produces flavorful cups of coffee. There are no complicated preparations here, just a quick morning treat for the busy day ahead. This Breville coffee machine has automatic presets in six (6) brewing modes to get that perfect flavor that pleases your palate: Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced, Cold Brew, and My Brew.

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Enjoy your personal cup of java with this thermal coffee maker that comes with precise temperature control and an impressive My Brew Setting. What we like about this feature is it gives you full control of a lot of things like bloom time, bloom temperature, and flow rate. This allows you to perfect the kind of coffee you’d like to enjoy every morning. Moreover, its Thermocoil Heating System delivers water that is purer than typical brewing systems that use aluminum.


  • Has Precise Temperature Control
  • Featuring the My Brew setting
  • Allows you to control even bloom temperature
  • With Thermocoil Heating System

With its Optimal Brew system, the Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker allows you to brew coffee hotter and faster. With a brew temperature of 205F, this feature allows the coffee maker to produce a richer and bolder flavor extraction!

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If you like your coffee always hot and strong, with a kick that sends you raring to start the day perked up, this Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Thermal System is just the perfect coffee maker for you. Double-walled and equipped with a stainless steel carafe, you will surely enjoy cups of coffee for hours without worrying about losing flavor. Even better, the Strong Brew Selector allows you to brew a bolder cup of Java, even program the thermal coffee maker with its Brew Now and Brew Later presets. What more could you ask for?


  • With Optimal Brew Thermal System
  • Double-walled and stainless steel
  • Enjoy hotter cups of coffee for longer hours
  • With Strong Bew Selector for a bolder flavor
  • Also featuring Brew Now and Brew Later presets

What is a Thermal Coffee Maker?

Just like what we mentioned earlier, the best thermal coffee maker is a conventional coffee maker–sans the plate and the glass carafe. While the classic ones come with a hot plate where a glass carafe is put to conduct heat, a thermal coffee maker is a little more than that: it retains heat because of its double-walled thermal and insulation properties. If there is one thing that you will like about this coffee maker is that you can still enjoy drinking coffee for hours without losing the heat and quality.

If you are living in the coldest parts of the continental US, purchasing a thermal coffee maker is a wise move than getting the classic one. For one thing, it saves you more time, grounds, and electricity with the thermal coffee maker’s heat retention capabilities. 

How Did I Selected the Best Thermal Coffee Makers

During our research, we’ve discovered that there are some key factors that will help consumers in deciding which brand to pick. While there are a lot of thermal coffee makers in the market, it’s good to read the buying considerations we’ve listed below. More than brand research, we’ve also gathered real consumer reviews from various brands in the online market. This way, you get a real, unapologetic, and wise tip on what to consider before your purchase. 

  • User-Friendly
    Thermal coffee makers are not complicated unless you’re buying the programmable ones. But believe us when we say that almost all thermal coffee makers are easy to use–and this should not be a top concern when buying this product.
  • Price
    You can hold on to this article when we say do not buy a thermal coffee maker that exceeds $150–it’s just not worth it. There are good products out there that you can buy for $50 or less. And with this article, you can be sure that we really want you to save money on your purchase more than anything.

Features You Need to Remember

When it comes to features, we’d like you to disregard the fancy marketing words and look more into the following we’ve researched because these are the features that really determine if the product is good:

  • Carafe WallingBy default, thermal coffee makers are double-walled to have heat-retention capabilities. However, there are some brands, those coming from credible names in the market, that bring out better innovations. Some thermal coffee makers have 3- to 4-walled thermal carafes, built with copper, stainless steel, and/or plastic. It wouldn’t cost you much if you spend a little time reading product features and specifically looking for the carafe materials of the product you are eyeing. 
  • Heat Retention HoursLet’s be honest, the reason why you’re buying a thermal coffee maker is primarily that you’re sick and tired of tasting burnt coffee and you’d want to enjoy drinking a hotter cup of Joe for longer hours. Take time to read the heat retention capabilities of the brand you’d want to pick. While some claim 2-hour heat retention, there are some products that can give longer hours of hot coffee. We think this feature is closely related to the coffee machine’s carafe walling.
  • Volume/MeasurementSome thermal coffee makers can only give you a few cups for every brew while some are designed to carry a 12-cup volume. While you’re after a hotter and more flavorful coffee, we also think that you should consider its volume capabilities because things get better when shared with many!
  • Brewing OptionsWhile some thermal coffee makers are programmable with presets, it’s also better to check if the product you’re trying to buy is designed to understand the “bloom time” of a coffee. Some machines just spit out water, not programmed to allow the coffee grounds to bloom. Good thing, some of the biggest names in the coffee maker industry are engineered to let the grounds bloom for a more flavorful drink. 

Thermal coffee maker pros and cons

Thermal Coffee Maker Pros

Thermal coffee maker cons


The big advantage of thermal coffee makers is that the coffee stays nice and warm in the jug. You don’t necessarily need 2x coffee for your second cup of coffee. It’s definitely worth your money when you talk about cutting your energy bill. There are several price ranges of thermal coffee makers under $200 and even under $100. The choice is yours. Coffee Makers in the United States!

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