Why Are Coffee Machines So Expensive

why are coffee machines so expensive
Sanne Bakker
Sanne Bakker

Updated: december 20, 2022

You’ve probably decided that you want a coffee maker and are wondering the following during your search; “Why are coffee machines so expensive?”Well, in this article we will find out the interesting reasons why some coffee machines fall under various price categories. It will give a clear insight and perhaps a little more understanding, to accept the price more quickly and make the right choice.
Please note that the reasons I describe in the article are from a general coffee machine perspective.

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The most likely reasons

There are several reasons why coffee machine prices vary so much. There is not always a specific reason, but often a combination of a number of factors. I’ve listed the most common reasons why coffee machines are expensive:


The biggest question here is, what materials are used to fabricate a coffee maker? There is a big difference between using certain materials and parts of the machine. Think of plastic, BPA free plastic, aluminum, stainless steel materials and glass. Don’t forget the technology behind it.

Coffee machine materials

The quality of materials directly affects the price of a coffee machine. Cheap machines usually have more parts made of plastic material. As you may know, plastic is not the most expensive material in the world. On the other hand, the expensive machines are made of high-quality materials that are known for their longevity and for enduring all kinds of wear and tear, such as stainless steel. 

A coffee maker also often has certain parts that move, so it’s important that high-quality materials are used in crucial components. The materials used to build a coffee machine are therefore very decisive for a cheap or expensive coffee machine.


There are manufacturers who opt for the best quality materials, because this also brings great advantages. Ultimately, as a company, you want a satisfied customer who gets an excellent, efficient and high-quality coffee machine. The price should in principle make sense when you consider the use of the specific materials. So you get what you paid for and maybe more. The quality of materials used in a high-end machine is superior to that of cheaper models. Second, the more expensive machines often have more features and options than their cheaper counterparts. 

Coffee makers often come with features designed to make the process easier or more convenient. For example, some have a timer so you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning without getting out of bed! The other has a built-in coffee grinder to easily prepare delicious coffee with freshly ground beans. And yet another has the option to prepare your coffee completely manually. As you can read, the options that a coffee machine has to prepare coffee influences the price.

Customized products

Tailor-made products require more time, energy, attention and personnel to complete. As a result, you pay more, but ultimately also for the attention and quality that has been paid to it. The more custom options a machine has, the more it costs to own one.

There is of course a big difference in production work or the customized products. Production work is often assembly line work, where parts are made in large numbers, usually with cheaper materials. This ensures that the devices can be processed faster and in greater quantities.

Investment company

Remember that a supplier invests in producing a product in order to ultimately get a return on it. Before a product comes onto the market, a whole process has already gone into it before a coffee machine is produced.

Investment vs return

When investing in (new) coffee machines, a lot of time and energy is invested in creating and evaluating a perfect product that meets the needs of a customer. There are costs involved in achieving this. Think, for example, of product research, designing a product, the technology behind it, purchasing materials, taxes, personnel costs, marketing, insurance, rent and so on. This is ultimately all included in the final pricing of a coffee machine.

This is something that we as a consumer do not always think about and understand, because as a customer it is not directly relevant. But to meet customers’ needs and demand, manufacturers must constantly research and develop new products to survive the competition. In addition, the developer wants to receive a visible return for the effort that has been made.

Dealers and intermediaries

You may have noticed that third-party dealers or stores are more likely to sell the product for a higher price, compared to the manufacturer’s price. This has to do with the purchasing costs for a dealer, among other things. If a dealer were to keep the purchase price in his sale, he earns nothing from it and can eventually close his shop because he has no income to buy again. They also have to earn something from the sale of their products. Dealers often maintain a suggested retail price from the supplier. 

So you could try to buy products directly from the manufacturer itself, but this is not always possible. The best thing you could do, if you don’t want to spend too expensive, is for example keep an eye on offers. Or special days where dealers stunt with prices, such as Black Friday.

Brand Name

The strength of a brand is that it gives a certain look and feel. It’s an experience with a degree of trust and security. Due to the power of marketing, among other things, a brand stays in your subconscious and/or conscious brain.

Reliability in a product grows partly due to customer loyalty, reputation reviews and reviews from critics and individual customers. In addition, customers often buy their products because of the status of owning certain products of that particular brand. Coffee maker brand names and images therefore play an enormous role in the price indication of a coffee machine.

What you should definitely not forget is that this is not an easy task. It certainly took a long time for many entrepreneurs to be in the position they are in now..

There are many different brands such as Cuisinart, Mr Coffee and Keurig. One brand is more popular than another


After reading this article, there are plenty of factors that will answer the question ‘Why Are Coffee Machines So Expensive?’. Frankly, it comes down to you as a consumer. A coffee machine should initially meet your needs. Based on this, you can already make an easier selection and purchase a suitable coffee machine.

Make a list of the wishes you have, so you’ll get a better idea of the demands you place on the coffee machine. What is your spending limit? Are there certain materials that you want to see in the device? Are you looking for a simple single serve coffee machine to quickly make one or a max. of two cups at a time? Or do you like freshly ground beans? Maybe you want to awaken the Barista in you, because you like quality coffee and want a coffee machine that you can control yourself? You also have coffee machines, such as a French Press, with which you can prepare your coffee manually. Ask yourself what you are looking for? 

Important to know. The price therefore depends on various types of factors, so there are coffee makers under 100 dollars, but also coffee makers under 200 dollars. There are even more expensive coffee machines. These often have more options and possibilities and the taste of coffee is often better!

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